"OPEN SESAME" White Paper business interoperability will be paramount in attaining success via Federal framework for online identity and authentication

Catavault Inc

January 11, 2002

PHILADELPHIA, PA - January 11, 2002 - Catavault, a leader in the online identification and authentication sector, today announced the publication of "Open Sesame," a White Paper resulting from a seminar for its key clients that discusses the role and implications of "federated functionality." To read Open Sesame, please visit

Given the high profile interest in universal authentication platforms by players such as AOL with its Magic Carpet initiative, Catavault with its All Access Alliance initiative, Microsoft with its .Net My Services initiative and the Liberty Alliance initiative started by Sun, Open Sesame argues that the lynchpin for success with real world online identification and authentication federation(s) rests with business interoperability much more so than technological interoperability.

"Catavault is the most important independent thought leader in the online identity and authentication field. Name space providers and emerging federations need to look seriously at Catavault's solutions in order to effectively implement federated single sign-on solutions," said Jason Olim, founder and former President and CEO, CDNOW. "Given Catavault's intellectual property, market expertise and keen understanding of consumer behavior, Open Sesame is a manifesto for the future of online identity."

Open Sesame argues that developing new business models that are tangible and attainable will drive the successful implementation of single sign-on in a federated framework. Business models are a paramount concern since the promise of real financial rewards will drive the successful implementation of single sign-on in a federated framework. As such, technology will be the underpinnings of business interoperability and business models, and this approach needs to be emphasized by the forming federations if they hope to turn words into action. Thus, business issues need to drive technology and not vice-versa.

"As illustrated in Open Sesame, the devil lies in the details here with respect to creating a federated framework for online identity management," stated Josh Greene, Director of E-Marketing, Road Runner High Speed Online, a Time Warner Cable Service. "Catavault has taken an industry lead in terms of delivering a consumer-oriented service that solves a real need for those consumers - what is my password?"

"Catavault is right on the money when it argues that business interoperability is the key for success in the federated approach to login management," said Jack Kiefer, CEO of "Partnering with Catavault has enabled to increase the conversion rate of browsing visitors to paying customers as well as reduce customer service costs associated with forgotten passwords."

To read Open Sesame, please visit For more information about licensing Catavault's technology and retaining Catavault's consulting services, contact Dan Trotzer, Catavault's Director of Marketing and Business Development, via phone at 610.941.3388 or via email at


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