Major E-Commerce Sites Use WebSideStory's Outsourced, Real-Time Analysis Service to Drive Customer Growth

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January 23, 2002

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Major E-Commerce Sites Use WebSideStory's Outsourced, Real-Time Analysis Service to Drive Customer Growth
Autodesk, Brooks Brothers, and MonitorsDirect.com Using HitBox Commerce to Answer the Question “Where Do My Most Profitable Customers Come From?”

SAN DIEGO, CA -- January 23, 2002 - WebSideStory, Inc. ( www.websidestory.com), the world’s leading provider of outsourced e-business intelligence services, today announced that Autodesk, Brooks Brothers, and MonitorsDirect.com are among a growing list of companies using WebSideStory’s HitBox Commerce ( www.hitboxcommerce.com) service to better understand online customer behavior and answer questions such as:

  • Where do my most profitable customers come from?
  • What are the optimal paths to conversion?
  • Which products or content leads to the most purchases?
  • Which products represent the best cross-sell opportunities?
Autodesk (NASDQ: ADSK) ( www.autodesk.com) is one of the world’s leading application infrastructure software companies. Brooks Brothers ( www.brooksbrothers.com) is a major clothing retailer. MonitorsDirect.com is an online reseller and manufacturer of computer monitors.

With a starting price of $1,000 per month, smaller companies, such as BackcountryStore.com and BabyAge.com, are also able to take advantage of the best-of-breed service to help drive online sales and level the playing field to compete against major players in their industries. HitBox Commerce is an outsourced e-commerce analysis service designed to help online businesses increase revenue and improve profitability by providing detailed information about customer behavior in real time. The service is easy to activate and does not require IT personnel to process reports from expensive and cumbersome software packages. Marketing executives can access the information on demand through a convenient, online graphical interface.

Backcountrystore.com, an online retailer of sporting goods equipment, has doubled its sales since it activated HitBox Commerce last fall. The company uses the service to determine how customers make their way to a purchase, as well as to forecast sales, manage inventory, and negotiate purchase rates with wholesale partners. The company chose the service for its ease, convenience and depth of information. It also represented a cost-effective alternative to software integration and management.

“We are a profitable e-commerce company because we focus on what’s important in growing our business: the customer experience,” says John Bresee, co-founder and vice president of business development for Backcountrystore.com. “HitBox Commerce has quickly become an integral part of our marketing operations because it provides instant insight into where to allocate our resources and drive more business.”

HitBox Commerce is a complementary service to HitBox Enterprise ( www.hitboxenterprise.com), the industry’s most comprehensive outsourced Web analytics service. Select HitBox Enterprise customers include Cisco Systems, Hewlett- Packard, Sun Microsystems, Northwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Sony Corp., Canon USA, and Taylor Made Golf.

“Businesses need fast access to good customer information,” said John Hentrich, president and chief executive officer of WebSideStory. “HitBox Commerce provides a distinct, competitive advantage that leads to tangible sales growth.”

For more information about HitBox Commerce, call 877.422.4234 x302 or visit www.hitboxcommerce.com.

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